Babolat Sensor Dual

Babolat Sensor Dual

Hier ein paar Bilder von der Babolat Sensor Dual Besaitungsmaschine:


So kann man die Babolat Sensor Dual (und auch manch andere Babolat Maschinen) kalibrieren:
Babolat Sensor Dual KalibrierenThe check numbers on the Star 5 just indicate if the machine is working properly. The check numbers should be the same number. Check the tension at 25 kg (55.1 Lbs) and at 30kg (66.1 lbs). If the calibration is off by same value at each tension check, then go to step 1, 2, and 5. If the calibration is off at different values (example: 25.1 Kg and 31.0). More than 0.2 Kg) then go to steps 1 – 5.

1. To calibrate the machine hold down the shift button until you hear the beep, then enter the calibration code sequence, +, shift, -, -, +, shift, -, +. That will get you into the calibration mode. The machine is preset to 30kg (66.1 Ibs).

2. Use you calibrator and pull the machine to tension. When pulled at tension you can adjust the tension with the + and – keys. Adjust the tension until your calibrator reads 30kg (66.1Ibs).

3. Next press shift again and get in to the linearization which is the fine tune calibration. The fine tune calibration is set at 5kg (11 Ibs), 10kg (22 Ibs), 20kg (44.1 lbs), and 40kg (88.1 Ibs). You will only need to go into the linearization if the tension is not off by the same value (Example: tension reads 55.1 when the tension is set at 55 and tension at 66 reads at 67). Use your calibrator and start at the Lin @ 5kg. To adjust the setting you will have to use the + and – buttons but the value can only be change when the tension head is not pulled to tension. Each button press will change the value by 0.1 of a kg.

4. To get to the next calibration value, press the shift button. Once you have calibrated the fine tune from 5kg – 40kg, press the shift two times so you will get back the screen with the read out calibration. Check the tension again with your calibrator. Remember the first calibration is set at 30kg.

5. Once this is calibrated to 30kg (66.1 Ibs), turn off the machine and turn back on and check the tension at 25 kg (55.1 Ibs) and 30kg (66.1 Ibs).. If the calibration is within 0.1 kg (0.2 Lbs) you are within the accepted range. Repeat the step 1-3 if the calibration is off by more than 0.1 Kg (0.2 Lbs). You will not have to go to the linearization calibration. You only have to calibrate the linearization 1 time. Once you have the calibration at 30 kg (66.1 Ibs), turn off the machine and back on and check the tension at 25 kg (55.1 Ibs) and 30kg (66.1 Ibs). If the calibration is not within +/- 0.2 Ibs, then repeat the calibration process.


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